Tutorial Section - MySSHLog

09/02/2013 Turning a honeypot into a attack platform

Honeypots are used to help security reseach to gather infromation, about threats in thier internal network or in the wild. In this tutorial we look at configuration errors that could help an attack, attack computer using the honeypot as a base

12/12/2012 Remotely capture packets through wireshark

Tutorial on how to capture network traffic on a remote server and have them displayed in wireshark on your local machine.

6/12/2012 Python Coding, Expanding a simple DNS server in python

This is a short overview of extending pyminifakeDNS.

07/07/2012 Python Coding, Taking screenshot and sending them to a server

This is a short overview of how to create a python script, to take a screenshot and then securely upload it to your server through ssh.

22/06/2012 Kippo, Locating attacking countries from IP Address

A perl script to help gather more information about the attacks of your kippo honeypot by mapping thier IP Address back to the country code.

16/06/12 Automated analysis of ssh attempts using the auth log

A short tutorial that goes about to show you how to write a small script to anaylser SSH login attempts that are written to the auth.log. The Information you learn here can be used across different types of logs.

9/06/2012 Verifying that you SSH tunnel is secure

In a previous tutorial we showed how to secure you web browseing by tunneling your trafic through ssh using a socks5 proxy. In this tutorial we show you how to verify if you tunnel is secure, and that you are not leaking any dns request.

07/04/2012 Mounting remote folders through ssh

It is not always fun altering and finding files through the command line. In this tutorial we show you how to mount remote folders useng ssh to they appear as if they are stored on the local machine.

16/06/2011 Using Screen in Linux

Screen is the ultimate replacement to nohup. Screen allows you to keep running commands over a ssh session even if you session drops. It also allows for multiple sessions to be run and switching can be performed through Screens hotkeys. One excellent feature of screen is if two users are logged in they can connect to the same session allowing both uses to interact. This is an excellent utility that you should take advantage of if you working at the command line.

30/05/2011 DNS Zone Transfer Python

This tutorial was written in October 2010, and posted to the hak5 forums in reply to Episode 808. If you want more background information i would suggest watching that Episode of Hak5.

08/01/2011 Tunneling Web connection over SSH

Instruction on how to encrypt your web traffic through a SSH server, on linux and windows with the most popular web browsers.

23/12/2010 Reusing ssh connections

Guilherme shows us how to reuse existing ssh connection with version 4.X of OpenSSH.

04/11/2010 Installing Kippo SSH Honeypot

Tutorial on how to install Kippo the ssh honeypot.

11/10/2010 Reverse SSH

reverse ssh to get past those pesky firewalls.

06/08/2010 SSH Setting up a Welcome Message

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up a welcome banner and login message to all the users that log in through ssh.

04/08/2010 Blocking Tor Access to Linux servers

Following Guilherme first tutorial on blocking tor access to BSD servers useing PF. He follows up by showing us how to block Tor access using IPTables, and has even writen us a automated script that will update the tor nodes.

31/07/2010 Blocking Tor Access to BSD servers

In this tutorial Guilherme shows us how to block tor users from access our BSD servers using PF.